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Megalodon Shark Teeth Necklaces | (Extremely Rare Florida Colors)

Pick your exact tooth!
This batch easily consists of the nicest teeth we've EVER made necklaces out of.
Each tooth is truly one of a kind, & a piece of history.
Estimated to be at least 2 million years old.

These teeth are sized in inches.
Tooth #1. 1 7/8| Tooth #2. 2 1/4  | Tooth #3. 1 5/8 | Tooth #4. 2 13/16 | Tooth #5. 2 7/16 | Tooth #6. 2 9/16 | Tooth #7. 2 3/16 | Tooth #8 2 5/16 |

Over the last 5 years, Jack, Merrick, Jay & Friends have been hunting tirelessly across the entire state of Florida in search of all different species of Sharks teeth, from Megalodon Sharks Teeth, To Great White Shark teeth.
Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks, Mako Sharks, Tiger Sharks, & more the adventures have lead them to have thousands of different sharks teeth.
Its gotten to the point we have too many and you allways tell su you want them so ehre you go.

(All orders will come with bonus teeth and free stickers)