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The FIRST EVER JoogSquad Megalodon Mystery Box!

Small (Price $69.69)
You are GUARANTEED, at least 5 Sharks teeth including a Megalodon tooth. A Shark Tooth Necklace, along with a little wooden flower pot necklace which has not been available on the shop for many years.

But WAIT THERES MORE… Your order could be doubled or even tripled. It’s to remain a mystery.

Large (Price $200.00)  *$500+ VALUE*
You are GUARANTEED at least 3 MEGALODON TEETH and or a 4+ inch Megalodon tooth, & Signed Sticker.
10+ assorted sharks teeth, 2 shark tooth necklaces, stickers, & a pop socket.

Each box will be different and could potentially receive up to 200 Stickers, 10 Megalodon teeth, Hats, Necklaces, Signed Posters, Beanies, or a prop from a video!If you get really lucky, you could win the grand prize of a $2,000 Megalodon Tooth.

(All pictures are examples of what you could expect in the box, none of the teeth in the pictures are guaranteed to go in your mystery box. They are examples of what to expect. What si guaranteed is listed, but the size, color, and quality of the teeth in the box will remain a mystery)